Thursday 1 December 2022

Pansexual Trees


I am frantically catching up on my posts for the challenge for Beccy's Place Month of Holiday Cards.

Day 23 the prompt is the letter U. Mine is Uniform.....not in a clothing way but uniform as in a straight line and also the trees in a line. Artistic license has been used but there are several definitions of a word so this is my take on it.

This card has been made especially for the pansexual daughter of a friend of ours. He asked me to make cards for him to give to her as well as for his Mum (hence Granddaughter)

I had to do some research but a Pansexual is someones who loves a person irrelevant of gender. The lines on the border are in the colour of the pansexual flag. I created a digital paper by placing lines of each colour in a Uniform repeating design. Then rotating it so it was diagonal. I then added a white rectangle over the top and printed on photo paper.

The trees are a play on the sexual nature of Pansexuals. The small trees are in a darker green and a mid tone green. I used a white gel marker to define the segments.

The larger tree has been pieced by using both colours on the same tree. I liked the idea that a person can love both a man or a woman and the two different colours are a nod to that.

I would like to enter this card into the following challenge

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  1. Love it Mandy! I think it's perfectly fine to take some artistic license with your creations, especially when the prompts are a little tricky.
    You've done a wonderful job creating this card, and I think it's extra special that you took the time to research what it means to be pansexual and then try to include some of that in the design. A wonderful way to make a young person feel seen and accepted... there's always room for a more love in the world.


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